Friday, March 7, 2014

Small Lymphocytes

Small Lymphocytes

Background Information of Small Lymphocytes

The family of lymphocytes consist of the T (cellular immunity), the B (humoral immunity) and the Natural Killer cells (cytotoxic innate immunity). They are mainly found concentrated in the central lymphoid organs and tissues (Spleen, Tonsils and Lymph Nodes), which prompted their name lymphocyte. The fundamental importance of these lymphocytes are to provide specific immune response to infectious micro-organisms.  

Cellular Description

Normal small lymphocytes are slightly larger than erythrocytes (or similar) and are circular in shape. their cytoplasm is scanty and clear blue with no granules (agranular). The dark purplish staining nucleus covers atleast 85% of the cytoplasm.

Types of Lymphocytes
  • Small lymphocytes 
  • Large lymphocytes
  • Atypical lymphocytes (Reactive)

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