Friday, March 7, 2014

Large Lymphocytes

Large Lymphocytes

Background Information of Large Lymphocytes

As the name implies, these lymphocytes are normal lymphocytes but large in size than their smaller counterparts. Only flow cytometry will be able to distinguish their sub-types of lymphocytes (B/T/NK cells) using their specific cell surface markers.

  • CD3: T cells
  • CD4: CD4+ T-Helper cells
  • CD8: CD8+ T-Cytotoxic cells
  • CD25: CD4+ T-regulatory cells
  • CD16/56: NK cells
  • CD19: B cells

Excessive large granular lymphocytes observed in peripheral blood films are associated with large granular lymphocyte leukemia. 

Cellular Description

Normal large lymphocytes are twice the size of their smaller counterparts and can be irregular in shape instead of the usual round shape. Their cytoplasm is plentiful and clear blue but may have granules. The dark purplish staining nucleus covers atleast 60% of the cytoplasm.

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